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 Jasmine Thu & Cristiana Xuan Hulse
 3 & 4 Years Old
 july 6 & august 25

The most precious present ever!
With each falling leaf,
With each new so,
All the "what's?"
and all the "why's?"
Still make me wonder
where does all the time go?
And when will they ever stop.... learning, thinking, growing, crying, sighing, wining, yawning, yelling, laughing, asking, telling, jumping, running, stomping, driving me crazy????????

Children are the most priceless being on the earth!
Being a single mother, some times I do get edgy, but I've made it a acceptance that; I will:
learn, think, grow, cry,sigh, wine, yawn ,yell, laugh, ask, tell, jump, run, stomp, and learn more from them than they do me. That is LIFE is all about wanting to go out and play. I try my best to remember my childhood before I pass the final judgement.
And I've learned to solve most of the prolems all they need is some love. A hug or affection does much more than promising them their favorate toy at the store.
Be good and don't forget to play nice!!

Love is always the answer!

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