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My Secret


It Lives
A Spark Of Life
More of KIMX-FILES to come

A Spark Of Life

With that spark
a fire would a rise.
With scorching flames and burning heat
And to mine eyes it will arrive
The flaming of my soul's yearning desire
Into deep, dark, down it will glare
and light all that's been hiding there
Behind the wall of emptyness
All my hidden emotion, feeling, and being
will awaken and take their natural state
Again will my all being recourse
to relive in my hopes, dreams, & beliefs.
And finally I will live again.
To be and see so free to be
I no longer must hide a secret
For I shall be if I believe it.
And never again will I let
An emptyness overcomes my fears.
For when inside an emptyness be
it feeds and grows and takes control
To when there's nothing left inside
Except that one spark.
I will breathe
And deeply will I breathe
That breath of life
And I will keep thought in my mind
keep this is my heart
So that never again may I shatter apart.
No secrets to tell. No secrets to tell.
Except the one about from where I once dwelled.