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My Secret
It Lives
A Spark Of Life
More of KIMX-FILES to come

My Secret

The secret in which I hold,
has never ,yet been before told.

I've kept it so dear and true.
That never was it meant to tell to you.

,But now it must be heard.
For without it couldn't understand a word.

In which my lips breathlessly whisper in your ear,
The explanations you need to hear.

So with a kind heart, please understand
my plee to thee I hope you can

Take to heart my emotions come true.
When I say these things to you...

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Doorway to a stare

Deep down within this dark hole in me

There it lies a locked for no one to see.
It is there where it lives to feed and grow
This emptyness in which I know.
To reach, impossible. For it's hidden lair
is in a place. No one could dare
rest eyes upon, contemplate or even think
That there it lurks at first blink.

Do you feel? Can you?
Do you see?
The deep down dark that has been torturing me?
Would you ever? Would you?
Can you know?
The deep down dark that tortures my soul?

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